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Inspired by peoples stories that others deemed suitable to be forgotten. This is a documentation of those that were taken out of society either voluntarily or by force.
Cornbread Threads
Cornbread Threads is an online brand that buys and sells vintage clothing. The branding for Cornbread Threads was inspired by the vibrant graphics on many of their vintage tees. Considering they are based online and their demographics consist largely of Gen Z - Millenials, I wanted to create bright engaging graphics to be used across their social media.
Official is an app dedicated to strengthening couples' relationships. I worked as a graphic design intern for their social media from December 2020 - May 2021. During this time I created numerous Instagram posts as well as Official’s initial launch video that was used across their social media platforms.
Society of the Spectacle
Visual representation of 1967 philosophical writing, "Society of the Spectacle" by Guy Debord. This essay discusses societal issues such as consumer culture, alienation, and cultural homogenization. Video footage taken by me. Audio is not mine.
Visual Statistics of the New York Public Library
Infographic brochure based on what you may find while exploring the NYPL.
Stultifera Navis
Promotional material for a mental health symposium. Each triptych explores a different theme; symbolism, typography, and metaphor.
Poets House Rebrand
The Poets House is a poetry library in downtown New York. In order to express the beauty and creativity that is poetry, I created a new identity and social media campaign based on the idea of motion and new technologies, to bring their library into the modern era and engage a broader audience.
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